What is Active Cypher?

Active Cypher is the encryption technology that protects you against the inevitable breach and inadvertent data loss that confronts every organization. Security measures such as firewalls, anti-phishing filters, and detection mechanisms help thwart intruders with malicious intent, but they do not completely eliminate compromising incidents.

Hackers have shown the biggest brands in the world that they have the patience, determination, and creativity to breach every defensive measure in place. Active Cypher is there to protect your files when they get through.

Using patented, innovative technologies that leverage new approaches, AES-256 encryption standards, and unique performance accelerants, Active Cypher is your never-ending safeguard. Even better, it’s done without creating an additional burden on your users or IT staff.

Security. Performance. Assurance. That’s who we are. That’s what we deliver.

Value That Protects Your Organization

Marginalizes Breach

Patented ACS Protection means that your user files are always secure, even when hackers get in.

    Optimizes Budget

    Helps prevent overspending on excessive security that still leaves you having to explain data loss

      Everywhere Security

      Safeguards files despite careless or malicious handling, by security staff, or technology failings

        Supports Compliance

        Helps pursue data compliance without adding burden to your IT Staff or user community

          Encrypt your files even while you work

          Whether you’re actively working on files or your files are at rest on the server. No passwords and no speed penalties, only pure, seamless encryption that your business deserves 24-7.

          What the Experts are Saying

          Floyd Marshall

          “This particular encryption solution is unlike any that I have seen. In my 21+ years of Security Engineering, I have written and deployed many encryption solutions throughout the world and have never seen the lack of latency, masking, noise reduction, and morphing that this solution provides. This method is unique and could be a “game changer”.

          CEO/Senior Cyber Security Engineer CECUR-IT
          John Girard

          “The next big leap in, say, three years will be the return to using rights-managed encryption, which is asserted any time that users create or modify files. In other words, driving encryption to the bottom so that any file that moves intentionally or accidentally is automatically protected by policy. In the mobile world, there are too many ways to move files to be able to protect everything by conventional means of perimeter defenses”.

          Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst

          24-7 Data Security Wherever Your Files Are!