Active Cypher Announces Full Support for the Microsoft Teams Product Suite

Costa Mesa, CA. — Active Cypher, the new standard in file encryption, is announcing today that they have designed, load tested and approved its file encryption solution for the full Microsoft Teams portfolio. This includes all Active Directory, File Server,  and Windows operating systems for Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, Windows 7, 8 and all releases of Windows 10.

In addition, we support all Microsoft file storage solutions, for example; Azure File Sync, One Drive for Business, and SharePoint.

Active Cypher is bringing the full benefits of enhanced file encryption to large enterprise and regulated companies.

Organizations in highly regulated industries like financial services face regulatory challenges, as they must meet strict file retention requirements set by regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), among others. In addition, government organizations that use Microsoft Teams must retain and produce public records to meet federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state open records laws.

“Companies using Office 365/Azure can now adopt Microsoft Teams with confidence that their files can be safely and easily encrypted using Active Directory and also be in full compliance with any regulatory demands,” said Dan Gleason, CTO at Active Cypher. “Active Cypher is thrilled to announce support for Microsoft Teams”.

What We Do

File encryption has come a long way. Our revolutionary solution is the easiest way to protect your data from ending up in the wrong hands. Too often encryption as a solution is avoided due to complex installation, deployment, and administration. In developing Active Cypher our goal was to create an encryption solution so simple that company files can be encrypted in minutes.

Easy Installation

Active Cypher is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory and the Azure Cloud. Our solution handles all the heavy lifting during install and takes minutes to deploy. We are a simple, cost-effective and a highly regarded solution to better safeguard your business data.

Active Cypher encryption software is directly installed to your client’s Office 365 tenant in Azure. Enter the Global Administrator’s credentials and our program does all the deployment and implementation specifics for you. It’s a game changer; because unlike the current players in the space, there is no process for your employees to perform, ever! No administrative functions, consoles, or apps to manage. No passwords, codes, policies, plug-ins, keychain devices, just a direct download to Active Directory. This is truly unique in the space.

You can’t trust your company’s employees remembering to apply encryption policies and permissions to your sensitive data. Active Cypher protects your data 100% of the time without user involvement.

Nothing Like It!

Active Cypher’s encryption software deploys in minutes and is installed directly on your client’s network. Select the company folders you want to protect and our installer does the rest. There’s no user involvement for your employees. In fact, we are invisible to users, so they are not required to do anything, resulting in no user friction or lack of adoption. There’s no admin functions, consoles, or apps to manage. There are no passwords, codes or keychain devices needed. Active Cypher operates silently behind the scenes; encrypting & protecting every file on your file server transparently decrypting and re-encrypting files automatically. It’s faster than the competition and, using the highest standard of encryption, we implement our proprietary technology to accelerate performance and harden the encryption key security. Active Cypher is blazing fast and able to encrypt files of any quantity, size or type. There’s nothing like it on the market today.


Active Cypher for Microsoft Teams is available either on-premise or in the Azure Cloud as a monthly subscription, priced per employee.

Check out our product videos including an installation demo.