Active Cypher Officially Launches

Active Cypher Announces “Official” Product Launch


Costa Mesa, CA. — Active Cypher, the new standard in file encryption products announcing today, it has officially launched and is now available at

What Does Active Cypher Do?

Active Cypher deeply integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory and the Azure Cloud. By using Microsoft’s existing environment, the Active Cypher team didn’t need to build additional software, consoles or dependencies that slow down servers and contribute to user friction. We work deeply within the Microsoft environment focusing on one thing, keeping your files secure.

Easy Installation

Encryption as a solution is avoided due to complex installation, deployment, and administration. In developing Active Cypher our goal was to create an encryption solution so easy to deploy that files can be encrypted in minutes. Our revolutionary solution is the easiest way to protect your data from ending up in the wrong hands. We are invisible to users, so we won’t require them to do anything, resulting in no user friction or lack of adoption.

Nothing Like It!

Active Cypher’s encryption software deploys in minutes and is installed directly to your client’s network. Select the company folders you want to protect and our installer does the rest. There’s no user involvement for your employees. We are invisible to users, so they are not required to do anything, resulting in no user friction or lack of adoption. There’s no admin functions, consoles, or apps to manage. There are no passwords, codes or keychain devices needed. Active Cypher operates silently behind the scenes; encrypting & protecting every file on your file server transparently decrypting and re-encrypting files automatically. Faster than the competition we implement our proprietary technology to accelerate performance, use the highest standard of encryption and harden the encryption key security. Active Cypher is blazing fast and able to encrypt files of any quantity, size or type. There’s nothing like it on the market today.

Safer Than the Competition

Information security is essential in today’s world and needs to be addressed at a high level. Data encryption cannot be dependent on any one user or employee remembering to encrypt a file or choosing which file(s) to encrypt. Active Cypher provides data protection 100% of the time, automatically, without user or admin involvement. Our superior security technology protects your valuable data 24/7 from malicious intent or harmful outside hackers to the industry’s highest standard. Now you can sleep better at night knowing that Active Cypher is encrypting your files where ever they are.

Head over to our signup page and start using Active Cypher today.




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