The Active Cypher Team

Dan Gleason

Product Development

Dan is the chief architect and product developer of Active Cypher’s file-level security solution.

His special skills are in bringing elegant solutions to complex problems. His focus is building scalable business automation offerings that converge business goals with technology to provide optimum workflow, resource productivity, product quality, risk control and enhanced security.

Dan’s special expertise lies in all Microsoft products and programs, with a focus on financial companies, data design & analysis and process improvement. Dan has worked with a wide array of companies for development and consultation.

Joseph Loveless

Market Development

Joe Loveless is an industry leader with a proven record of effective strategic planning, data-driven market development and market management services for companies of all sizes. Joe possesses established leadership in the creation, launch and execution of market and business development strategies that achieve success for target objectives.

Joe has successfully coordinated marketing and sales activities and has a recognized reputation as an effective industry spokesperson and consultant on security-related topics.

Joe brings vast experience providing consultative skills to many organizations including prior relationships with Neustar, Inc., ClearStake, Deltek, CA Associates and several others over his 25+ year career.

Doug Simmons

Product Support/Market Research

Doug Simmons brings more than 35 years of experience in IT security and identity and access management (IAM). He has performed hundreds of engagements as the subject matter expert, and for the past several years has led a team of senior consultants focused solely on IT security, risk management and IAM. In this long-standing role, Doug consults with Global 1000 organizations to assess, strategize and design extensible IT security infrastructure, policies and processes.

Doug also continually researches and writes about emerging IT security-related initiatives, such as blockchain, authentication approaches, data privacy and other relevant topics to develop research reports that are then used within customer environments to develop the business case, technical strategy and migration plan to incorporate such initiatives.

Doug is a frequent public speaker at IT security and identity management events to share good practices, lessons learned and research findings.

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