Built for the worst case scenario
that has become the every day threat.

FACT: By the end of today over 1.8 million data records will be stolen. That might as well be 1.8 million new litigants.

The future of file encryption is here

Active Cypher is the fastest real-time encryption with no passwords, certificates or keys that allow businesses to experience powerful, worry-free security.

Active Cypher easily leverages and integrates with your Microsoft Enterprise for complete protection.

Here’s What You Need

  • Server
    Windows domain and file servers 2008 and up
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 and up

The Benefits of Active Cypher

Always Encrypted

Files are always encrypted and only available for viewing and editing by authorized users.

Extremely Secure

Active Cypher enhances AES 256 while employing a proprietary security algorithm, utilizing a virtual one-time pad, providing greater security, randomness and obfuscation.

Blazing Fast

Due to its uniquely low latency, and minimal CPU impact, Active Cypher operates faster and more efficiently at the file level.

No Additional Resources

No hardware, no console, no control panels, no mind-numbing configuration requirements. No “shelfware”.

Easy to Install and Use

Ridiculously easy to install and deploy, with users unaware and unaffected by the encryption process. No learning curve, no training, no hassle.

Deep Integration

Deeply integrated with Windows security groups in Active Directory. Synchronizes with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud services.

One product protecting millions of files.